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Policies and Procedures

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Parents are required to call The Academy by 12:00 PM each day that we are not to provide after school care. The Academy is not responsible for picking up a child that we did not take to school on any given morning unless the parent calls by 12:00 PM to inform us that the child went to school that day.

Parents are required to speak with their children and explain to them that they must come directly out of school. We are responsible for picking up children from several schools and we can only get to each school on time when the children get out on time.

Parents must notify The Academy by 12:00 PM if they do not need their child picked up after school. (Ex. A child is picked up early for a doctor's appointment.)

Parents should explain to their child that our staff will help them with their homework each afternoon but they must tell us that they have homework.

After school students must be reminded by their parents of the importance of obeying and being well mannered.

Parents, your cooperation is mandatory and appreciated! We are striving to make The Academy a wonderful place for your children.









Parents and Teachers Working Together















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Sick Child Policy
At The Academy we believe that it is our duty to ensure the safety and well being of each and every one of our students, therefore we do not care for sick children. Children that are ill will have to be picked up immediately.

-Children must be temperature free for 24 hours before they can return to childcare.
-Children that have communicable diseases must have a doctor's statement before returning to childcare.
-Children that have diarrhea CANNOT ATTEND CHILDCARE and may be asked to submit a doctor's statement before they are allowed to return.

Parental Involvement
Parents are expected to participate in their child's learning and childcare experience. The Academy has an open door policy, which welcomes and encourages parents to visit their child in the learning environment.

Birthday Parties
Students are allowed to have Birthday Parties at The Academy. Parents must give advance notice and have clearance through the school office at least one week before the proposed party date.

Phone Calls
The Academy's staff of trained providers is excited about caring for your child. Please feel free to call us before 9:00 AM or from 12:00 - 2:00 PM in order to speak with us about your child's progress.

Check Writing Policy
Parents are welcome to write checks for their childcare fees. Checks will not be accepted after two (2) checks have been returned. A $20.00 returned check fee and $10.00 late childcare fee would be applied to all returned checks. CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR FIELD TRIPS!!

An assertive discipline policy is used with our students. Parents will be notified if extreme discipline problems occur. Parents are expected to promote positive
behavior. Fighting, hitting, and profanity are NOT ALLOWED at The Academy!! Continuous discipline problems will result in expulsion.

Breakfast Policy
We are happy to provide a nutritional breakfast to our students between the hours of 6:30 and 8:00 AM. BREAKFAST ENDS PROMPTLY AT 8:00 AM!! All Students that wish to eat breakfast at The Academy must arrive by 7:45AM. If your child arrives after 8:00 AM, please do not send him/her in with food. Allow your child to eat before he/she enters the building. We are approved to serve supper to our school age children only effective December 11, 2000.

9:00 Arrival Policy
At The Academy we are striving to provide the best educational environment possible. In order to achieve our goal, all students must arrive at The Academy by 8:30 AM each morning. Our academic instruction begins promptly at 9:00 AM.


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Suspension Policy
The Academy offers an advanced Preschool Curriculum. Our students are thinkers and learners every day. Our curriculum is very challenging and requires our students to be attentive, cooperative, and obedient. Students that are continuously disruptive or disobedient will be given three (3) written notices/warnings after which, they will be suspended from school for one (1) week. During the student's one-week suspension, FULL TUITION IS DUE!! After the suspension, if the student's behavior does not improve, he or she will be expelled.

Inclement Weather Policy
The Academy will provide three (3) inclement weather days each school year. After they have been used, credits will be issued if children attend childcare for less than three (3) days. Credits will be issued to those customers with accounts in good standing. Credits will not be issued to the accounts that were paid late that week.

The Academy will follow the same inclement weather (snow closings) schedule as the Memphis City School System. Although we are not required to call when inclement weather days are used, we attempt to contact all parents. However, we may not be able to contact everyone.

Closing Explanation
The Department of Human Services requires that all teachers and directors receive a certain amount of training per year. We are required to have three (3) days per year for teacher in-service days. We are able on these days to do paperwork, make lesson plans,
and create ways to better educate your child. Therefore, we have to make time during our school year for training in order to be compliant with regulations.

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Power To Please
We work hard to please our customers. However, sometimes your child may have an accident or experience at school that our staff may not be aware of right away or that may be unpleasant to your child. Please understand and work with us on these rare occasions. We are always striving for excellence but unfortunately we are not perfect. If your child does have an unpleasant experience, please bring it to the attention of a member of management.

Disenrollment Procedure
We understand that some customers may need to withdraw their children from our program for many reasons. We require one (1) week's written notice upon disenrollment. If The Academy wishes to expel a child, one (1) week's written notice will be given to the parents before the child is expelled.

School Property
The Academy's faculty and staff work hard to maintain a clean, safe, and beautiful environment for our students. The Academy is a small business. We cannot afford to constantly replace items in our school. Therefore, if a student destroys school property, his/her parents will be required to pay for the property that was destroyed.

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